Wellness Center

Wellness Center

Directed by Tracy Age
Email: trage@wcboe.org

The WMS School-Based Wellness Center is a health care center, similar to a doctor's office on school grounds.  The Wellness Center is available to all Wicomico Middle School students with parental permission.  We work with the school nurse and your child's primary care provider to offer healthcare services right here at school.

Our goal at the Wellness Center is to keep students healthy and ready to learn!  Students enrolled in the Wellness Center can receive:

     -Treatment and testing for acute illnesses (ear infections, strep throat, etc.)
     -Treatment for chronic diseases (i.e., asthma)
     -Adolescent risk assessments
     -Physical examinations
     -Health education
     -Preventative Behavioral health counseling.

We have included a list of our "Frequently Asked Questions" to introduce you to the services our center can provide for your child.

Does the Wellness Center take place of the school nurse?
No.  The school nurse maintains her traditional role in the school.  Wellness Center records are separate and confidential from school health records.  However, the school nurse does have a list of enrolled students and is the primary source of referrals to the Wellness Center.

Can I contact the Wellness Center directly to schedule an appointment for my child?
Absolutely!  We encourage you to contact us at any time during the school day to schedule an appointment or discuss any concerns you have about your child's health.

Do I need to be present when my child receives services?
No.  This is one of the benefits for parents, particularly working parents who may have difficulty taking time off from work.  The provider, of course, will contact you when your child has been seen.  Certainly, you have the option of being present.

My child already has a doctor.  Can I still enroll him/her?
Absolutely!  The Wellness Center does not take the place of a child's primary care provider.  We work with the primary care provider as necessary to ensure coordination of care.  Additionally, the Wellness Center offers assistance finding a primary care provider/health insurance, if needed.

Will I be billed for the services my child receives at the Wellness Center?
If your child has health insurance, the Wellness Center is required to submit claims to your insurance company.  Students without health insurance may receive a bill for a percentage of the visit cost, based on a sliding fee scale and your ability to pay.  If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact us, as no child will be denied services regardless of ability to pay.

Who is eligible for enrollment?
ALL students of Wicomico Middle School are eligible for enrollment, regardless of income or ability to pay.

How do I enroll my child?
Simply complete and sign the consent, health history, and registration forms and return them to the Wellness Center.  If you have more than one child who attends the school, enrollment forms will need to be completed for each child.  Forms may be obtained from the school nurse or Wellness Center.

Please contact the Wellness Center at 410-219-2842 with any questions regarding enrollment, billing or health care provided.  We look forward to an exciting, healthy school year!